Individual Investors

For over forty years, our advisors have provided local businesses and investors with quality financial advice and services. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our clients and strive to exceed their investment expectations.

The Investment Program

As your personal financial advisor, our Investment Advisor Representatives will coordinate and manage your individual portfolio, answer all your questions and concerns and help ease the burden of making tough financial decisions in order to help maximize your investments growth potential.

Whether you are saving for retirement, building a "safety net" for the unexpected, preparing to fund your child's college education or simply looking to find a better way to manage your income, we can help.

Our Methodology

  • You and your Advisor will work together to determine your financial goals and set the time frame in which you wish to realize them. In addition, he will help you analyze your risk/reward threshold- how much investment risk you are willing to take for the greatest benefit.
  • After determining your risk threshold, your Advisor will create diversification parameters for your portfolio and offer suggestions as to what vehicles to invest your assets in. These determinations are based on four common categories: Liquidity, Investment Selection, Cost Efficiency and Performance.
  • Your Advisor will then continually monitor your portfolio positions through the analysis and tracking of your investments' performance and current business conditions. Based on these findings, CFPI will communicate your progress as you begin to meet your objectives andrecommend any portfolio changes if necessary.